Having a picnic this summer? A family party? You don't have to "hope" a park shelter is open for you to use, you can give yourself piece of mind and reserve it.  And you should. Why? Because it's all about making memories that last a lifetime.

I have fond memories associated with picnics at parks and park shelters growing up. There was this big picnic I attended with my family and entered a wheel barrow race with Suzi Cheney. I want to say we came in third place. There was also the little league picnic we had after a rather meh season. Mostly though I remember big gatherings with extended family and their friends, and the smiles everyone had as they enjoyed a great summer afternoon together.

The Sedalia Park District recently posted a reminder that the shelters in parks can be rented for your summer get-together. There are fees involved, but depending on how big a picnic your having, they seem very reasonsable to me. Large shelters are $30, medium shelters $25, small shelters $20. Hubbard Shelter #1 with concessions access is a bit more spendy.

Shelters can be reseverd from April 1st - October 31st and you can reserve them by stopping by the parks and recreation office, or calling 660-826-4930. If you call you can rent the shelter with your credit and debit cards.

Alcohol isn't allowed and neither is smoking, for a complete list of rules you can vist the Sedalia Parks & Recreation Office.




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