Think about most of your interactions with law enforcement. Most of them probably haven't been under the greatest of circumstances. I suspect your interactions have been one of the following: An officer has pulled you over for some traffic violation. Or an officer, or officers, are helping you after someone else has committed some kind of crime against you or your family. Neither situation is low stress for anyone involved. However, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a cop on October 2, and you'll get to see a little bit different side of them.

Wednesday October 2 is National Coffee With a Cop Day. The Warrensburg Police Department and the Warrensburg McDonald's invite you and I to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and some conversation with the Warrensburg PD from 7AM - 9AM CDT at the McDonald's on Young Street.

Simply, most of our interactions with officers' occur when the officer is keeping his or her head "on a swivel" and he or she is focused on doing their job. Of course, you or I are upset, frustrated, ticked off or angry about whatever has caused us to need to interact with the officer as well. So, even if everyone is polite and professional, it's not a great experience to get to know a cop.

Coffee with a cop day gives you and I an opportunity to chat with officers in a different environment. One that's more relaxed. One that's not adversarial or charged with emotion. Stop by, enjoy a cup of coffee. Thank them for their work. Have a chat. You might see the officers in a slightly different way.

Here's the post on Coffee With a Cop day from the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce:


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