With Spring break coming up for many, has COVID-19 caused problems with travel plans?

Basically EVERY professional sport has been shut down indefinitely by the coronavirus, including the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NHL, the NCAA's March Madness, Major League Soccer . . . and even the XFL. Disneyland and Disney World are closing due to the coronavirus.

Personally, travel plans to Phoenix, Arizona are up in the air. Tickets have been purchased to fly on Southwest Airlines. Now that's questionable. Spring training baseball tickets to a Kansas City Royals game are now void.

So if everything is shutting down that you would normally do while going on spring break/vacation, what will you do?

I guess if you do a staycation instead, i.e., stay at home instead of going elsewhere, what will you do with all your free time?

According to a new survey, the top answers are:  Watch TV and movies . . . finally read more books . . . and mess around on the Internet.


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