Granger Smith hasn't shared many details of his next studio album, but he's already leaking deep cuts. The singer released "We Got It" on streaming services and to digital retailers on Friday.

The mid-tempo country rocker falls in line with a theme set by his lead single "Happens Like That." An infectious chorus and down-home lyrics describe an idyllic rural summertime scene. "We Got It" works well as an end-of-summer song, eventually alluding to the forever-love alongside him.

"We got it, we got it all / We're out here tippin' a fifth and pickin' a guitar just watching the stars fall," he sings at the chorus. "Yeah we got it, we got it all."

The release date, complete track list and cover art for Smith's second studio album Wheelhouse Records have not yet been shared. "Happens Like That" was released in May and is approaching the Top 40 of the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line is one of the songwriters.

"There’s probably lots more moments of what you might expect from me, and then there’s moments on the flip side that maybe are something that you didn’t expect but also don’t match up sonically with ‘Happens Like That,'” Smith told Taste of Country in May. “That’s all by design. I always want the albums to be a roller coaster, with peaks and valleys. I don’t want it to be a monotone feel."

The video for "Happens Like That" was released last week. It co-stars his wife and kids.

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