Granger Smith is thanking his fans in an unusual way, and one fan in Ohio got the coolest thank you yet.

Smith's new album When the Good Guys Win was released in early November, and any fan who pre-ordered the album or purchased it in a store on Nov. 3 got a personal call from Smith, thanking them for their support. However, Smith went above and beyond for one fan in Ohio, and he shared the story in a Facebook video.

"I've been calling all the fans who buy this new album and I talked to this one girl named Kirsten in Ohio," Smith says in the video. "She was talking about how she wanted to go to my pop-up shop in Akron, Ohio but she couldn't because she had to work, so I asked her where she works."

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Smith then drove approximately two hours to the fan's workplace, Luckie's Barn and Grill, in Oregon, Ohio, to surprise her with an autographed CD.

"The fact that you even thought about driving two hours to see me and the only reason you didn't was because you had to work, you are an amazing fan," Smith tells Kirsten in the video. "That is worth me coming here and thanking you."

Overwhelmed with emotion, Kirsten tells Smith she'll always buy his records and her mom is never going to believe what just happened, to laughs from the small audience.

"This is my attempt to thank every single fan no matter what it takes because I understand that buying records is pretty rare these days," Smith says in the video. "It's worth it for me to make that extra effort to thank 'em."

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