Wow, nothing like jumping from the frying pan into the fire!  It's been hot, but hey, it's summertime baby.  So get out those shorts and flip flops and get outside!

This week has been great.  The pools are busy and many families are getting outside and enjoying the parks.  I started riding my bike this week and the Katy Trail was full of bikers, walkers, runners and also deer and turkey.  I almost got blindsided by a deer near the fairgrounds.  She was hiding in the tall grass next to the fence and ran towards El Espolon.  Anyway, the trail is in great shape with plenty of shade, but remember to keep hydrated!  We started with an easy 10-miler from my shop to Clover Dale Park and back, a super easy ride to get warmed up.

Speaking of Clover Dale Park, it's looking great with people using the dog parks, playing Frisbee golf and fishin'.  They also have new backstops at the upper lane on the Archery range, and thanks to the pack employees and attendees, the trash issue I've talked about in the past has drastically improved, so thank you!

The KIX Night at the Races is this week, with boat races starting at noon, dirt track racing at 7:00 and a carnival lasting all day.  I'll be there broadcasting live with an archery game for the kids, so come on down and have a blast.

Until next week, have a fun and safe weekend, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.