Frankie Ballard ordered dinner at a hometown pizza restaurant in Michigan and left the staff with an enormous tip.

Mancino's Pizza and Grinders is a restaurant in Battle Creek, Mich., that the singer likely visited a few times while growing up nearby. Last week he ordered $22 worth of food and tipped the staff ... well, look for yourself:

Do the math and you get about 400 percent added to his very affordable dinner. Kourtney Kipp shared the picture of the receipt, adding, "Thank you so so much, the littlest things can turn somebody's day around. The crew truly appreciated your appearance tonight, even if some of us were a little too starstruck to say so."

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All indications are that the "Sunshine and Whiskey" singer only spent a few minutes in the store (we love that he ordered under the name Frank). Ballard's parents still live in the Battle Creek area, so he was likely home visiting for a day or two between tour stops. It all happened a few days after he shared a stage with Keith Urban at the Great Jones County Fair in Iowa.

Musically Ballard has begun working on his next studio album, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed El Rio album. He got married to girlfriend Christina Murphy in March, telling Taste of Country all about a spiritual moment the couple shared during the ceremony.

"Honestly, the highlight for me was being able to stand up there and make those promises and feel that commitment all start to happen in front of those people and it was a very moving and special family moment," he says humbly, speaking of vowing his love for his wife in front of close family and friends.

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