According to a recent survey, 58% of people use their smartphone in social settings either "usually" or "occasionally."  Which really sucks when you're on a date with one of those people.  Here are four ways from that your phone might be ruining your dates.

  • Using it for anything other than an emergency:  Only a few things actually count as an "emergency" during a date:  Your boss calling, a close family member getting sick, or somebody nearby needing immediate medical care.  If it isn't a true emergency, it can probably wait.
  • Keeping your phone on the dinner table:  When you're at a restaurant, your phone should be kept in your pocket or your purse...on SILENT.  Keeping it out on the table or anywhere in you or your date's line of sight is just rude.
  • Texting instead of calling:  Text messages and emails are fine for some things, but it's impersonal compared to a phone call.  When you're trying to make plans or if you're running late, call instead of texting.
  • Posting pictures and updates to Facebook or Twitter:  Don't post on social media unless you've cleared it with your date first.  That means no status updates, no "checking in" or "tagging" them, and definitely no posting pictures of your food.

It makes me crazy when people answer their phones at the dinner table.  What do people do with their phones in social situations that drives you up the wall?  Comment below and click share!