One of our good friends over the years and familiar face at the Missouri State Fair has passed on. Thom Fuller has passed away at the age of 50.  You may know Thom best as the host of the Missouri State Fair Idol from it's inception until 2012. He also hosted the Extravaganza Events in the Touchstone Energy Stage and many other shows at the fair.

I remember first meeting Thom when he worked for our stations for a short period of time. What I most remember was that he talked about the plays that he had a chance to help put on and act in, and he also had some acting roles, including being on General Hospital. Truthfully, he loved live performances more than anything, whether it be through his own company, Thom Fuller Entertainment or previous theater companies, such as Arrow Rock Lyceum.

He was amazing on the stages at the Missouri State Fair. He had this magic of getting on stage with a big smile on the face, high energy ready to go. He could bring people from the back of the tent to feel like they were in the front row by making them laugh. My biggest joys were seeing him with kids on the stage and getting them into the fun times of the fair. He'd say things like, "If you weren't having fun at the fair, you must not have stopped at my booth," with the lights, money madness machine and Missouri State Fair Idol.

The last time I saw him on stage was for the benefit for the Salvation Army with 2011 Missouri State Fair Idol winner, Ryan Manuel. He wasn't feeling great that evening and he had really wanted to host the event. He used the classic line, "Dougie, the show must go on." The show did go on and it was the first full concert put on by any of the Missouri State Fair Idol winners that I can remember.

I'm glad to see that Missouri State Fair Idol continues and with it the the show will go on with the spirit of Thom Fuller.

Thom Fuller's funeral will be at the McLaughlin Funeral Chapel on Monday, March 3 at 11 a.m. with visitation starting at 10.  Burial in Fairview Cemetery at Sweet Springs.

To the many friends and family of Thom Fuller, my deepest sympathy. Thom, you will be missed, rest in peace.