Amazon is kind of amazing. You can find almost everything you could ever want with just a few clicks. Usually if I'm shopping online, at Amazon, eBay, or anywhere, I'm after a specific item. But sometimes it's fun to just browse and see what there is to see. This morning I decided to do a search for the word "Sedalia" to see what came up. Here are a few interesting things I found.

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    Fireball Run: America's Frontier

    If you missed the 2015 season of Fireball Run: America's Frontier, which featured Sedalia, you can find it on Amazon. The individual episodes are available for purchase, if you don't want the whole season. But if you're a Prime member, you can watch for free.

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    The Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra

    The Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra sounds like a local band, right? Nope. They're actually based in California, but they do perform at Sedalia's Scott Joplin Festival. The group specializes in "vintage arrangements of music from the Ragtime Era, roughly 1897-1917." The Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra's CD is for sale on Amazon.

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    Sedalia, MO | Vintage Style Missouri T-shirt

    "A vintage style, retro schemed print, just for Sedalia, MO!" Buyers can choose this shirt in either black or brown, and both men's and women's sizes are available.

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    Sedalia (Images of Modern America)

    Here's another potential bargain for hardcore Amazon customers. Becky Imhauser's Sedalia (Images of Modern America) can be ordered in physical form, but it's also a free read with Kindle Unlimited, which is a $9.99 monthly subscription service for readers. Sedalia features 160 local photos spanning several decades. "It focuses on Sedalia from 1950 to present," said Imhauser. There are actually a few different books along the lines of this one that are available on Amazon. It's always fun to look back.

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