For most men and for maybe for a few women, (that would admit it!) passing a little tweaker every once and a while is common. It's your body's way of keeping things in balance. Now some of us have more balance than others, if you know what I mean! Just think how many of us have had a dad or an uncle that was always telling us to pull their finger while your mom or aunt just shook their head in disgust? Flatulence is normal. The problem is some of our body's normality isn't.

Some of us have a problem with others releasing a little toot every once and a while. Sometimes we have to yell at the dog to get out of the room because we're afraid of what dad's biggest and latest development may do to the poor critter.

I was looking at some older stories and I guess Von Miller of the Denver Broncos was having some problems that hit the headlines around the country. Miller was having some trouble on "Dancing With The Stars." The Broncos linebacker's dance partner, Witney Carson, was having some issues with Von's build-up of the lethal gas. Because his partner didn't appreciate the finer art of "Filtering the Air", she fined him $100 per booty bomb when they practiced their dancing.

After hearing this how many of us would have a negative balance in the checking account if this was the case?  Remember ladies and gentlemen...Beano is your friend!

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