During Eric Church's Friday night (Jan. 25) tour stop in St. Louis, Mo., his uber-talented backup singer Joanna Cotten took point on a cover of the Beatles' hit "Come Together" -- and absolutely slayed it. Readers can press play above to watch the performance.

"Here come old flat-top / He come groovin' up slowly / He got ju-ju eyeballs / He one holy roller / He got hair down to his knee / Got to be a joker / He just do what he please," Cotten sings, launching the iconic track, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Church, meanwhile, lends his vocals in support on the chorus and the whispered "shoot me"s leading into each verse.

Church often showcases Cotten's recognizable powerhouse voice during his live sets, especially on covers, such as "Come Together," and duets from his own catalog, including "Kill a Word,” "That's Damn Rock 'n' Roll" and “Over When It’s Over.” Church previously recorded a cover of "Come Together," with himself on lead vocals, for an extended version of his 2014 album The Outsiders.

Church's stop at St. Louis' Enterprise Center was part of his recently launched Double Down Tour, during which he is playing two back-to-back shows in various cities across North America. Although it's early on in the tour, he's been making a point to include cross-genre covers and fan requests in his sets.

Church recently announced that he will re-release his first three albums on colored vinyl this spring. His debut album, Sinners Like Me, will be released on red vinyl on Jan. 25. The reissue of 2011's Chief will also be red and will be released on Feb. 15, while 2009's Carolina, on yellow vinyl, is due out in April. Church's latest album, Desperate Manwas released last October.

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