Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots is now collecting items to aid the folks that woke up last Thursday morning without even a change of clothes.  To quote Dale Malone "We ask for furniture, kitchen items, clothing toys, pet food, home goods, towels etc... gift cards are great too!"

According to Dukes & Boots Manager Bill McDowell, the Sedalia Red Cross will be handling all cash donations, while the Salvation Army handles the durable donations, such as furniture, clothing, kitchen items, silverware, dishes, bathroom goods, towels, wash cloths, rugs, etc.

Marcum Hauling and Ditzfield Transfer are setting up a tractor trailer at Dukes & Boots to store donated home furnishings and durable goods.

Dukes & Boots will also be holding fundraisers this Friday and Saturday night (July 27 and July 28).  We will get details and update this post as they come in.

For questions or for more information, call Daisy Dukes & Cowboy Boots at 660-826-5500.

The benevolence of this area never ceases to amaze me.  It seems that as soon as we hear about someone needing help, the community bands together to exceed what is necessary.  That is certainly something to be proud of.  The people that lived in the Mark Twain Apartments lost everything.  I've been fielding questions about where donations are being accepted, and now we have an answer.

Please share this post so we can spread the word and get these people as much help as we possibly can.