Dublin Social Club in downtown Warrensburg will perform a 24-hour tattoo marathon beginning on  Friday night (Sept. 20). The marathon will commence at the stroke of midnight and will entail $20 tattoos for walk-ins, door prizes every hour, zombie-themed grab bags and a scavenger hunt.

Tony Madrid, owner of Dublin Social Club, will work tirelessly alongside his three co-artists for the entire 24 hours.

"We talked about doing rotations, but they're talking like they want to go the whole 24 hours without sleep," said Madrid with a chuckle. "It's going to be insane. We like to do these kind of events to give back to our customers because they are just plain fun."

Kody Miller, a fellow artist at Dublin Social Club, helped draw up five of the personalized $20 tattoo designs. Although the staff are keeping the design ideas a secret until the marathon begins, Miller did give us a hint.

"Each design is no bigger than the palm of my hand," said Miller. "I'm hoping for a good turn out. I'd really like to see how many tattoos I can do in 24 hours."

Dublin Social Club was founded in 2012 and will be celebrating its one-year anniversary on Oct.13. Before that, it was called Living Arts Tattoo. The Irish theme was Madrid's idea because of his family heritage.

For more information regarding this weekend's tattoo marathon, feel free to contact Dublin Social Club by calling 660-429-0130 or by visiting their Facebook page. Dublin Social Club is located on 126 North Holden Street in Warrensburg, Mo.