How many of you have ever shopped at the Dollar Tree in Sedalia?  I suspect all of you had a hand raised.  Or at least most of you.  It is often an easy place to go to pick up simple items like soap, toothpaste, greeting cards, decorations, etc.  If you need to stretch a few bucks, this place can help.  Everything is $1.

That is about to change.

A few months ago, the company announced that they were testing higher prices in "some" of their locations across the country.  Well looks like the company was happy with the results. And starting in early 2022, it looks like everything will be $1.25.

The company is insisting that this is not a reaction to inflation.  It is being reported that this is being done to offset wage increases.  I don't think I believe that, although as someone who had worked retail for many years, the staff is often underpaid.  I read that the CEO of the company makes about 10 million dollars a year.  They should raise the wages of the employees, period.  Most of their locations seemed to be understaffed.

We probably should not be shocked, as they have been selling items for $1 for 35 years.  And if most of the items only go up a quarter, I suppose it won't break us.  You may see the store branded as Dollar Store Plus.  Rumor has it that you might see a few more "Customer Favorite" brands as well as a small section of the stores that you could see items priced at $3 to $5.  We shall see.

I often go to Dollar Tree to pick up things like tooth brushes, chewing gum, matches, cheap glasses, laundry sheets, etc.  If those items cost a quarter more, still a fair deal.  I just hope that the extra profits from the rise in these prices, go to the employees that work in the stores.  And not in the pocket of the CEO.

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