There you have it...the Humane Society of Missouri’s life-saving motto this summer. 70 Degrees & Over, Don’t Take Rover

We're smack dab in the middle of summer. As temperatures soar back into the 90's, so goes an increase in outdoor activities for humans. The Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Medical Center of Mid-America warns pet owners that pets left in parked cars or taken along for a run or bike ride can quickly be at risk for serious injury or even death.

Here are pet safety tips from the Humane Society of Missouri for active pet families in the summertime:

**Never leave a pet unattended in a parked car when the temperature is above 70 degrees. Act immediately if you see a distressed animal in an unattended car. Call the local police and the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Hotline at (314) 647-4400.

**Take frequent breaks if walking or jogging with your dog and find patches of grass to rest. 

**Never bicycle with a pet. Heat stroke and possible death can occur very quickly, particularly in hot weather. Pets will do everything they can to keep up with their humans, causing a pet to be injured or suffer from heat stroke.

**Immediately apply cool water to your pet’s paws and stomach if it is showing signs of heat exhaustion (excessive panting, vomiting, lethargic behavior), and see your veterinarian promptly.

**Keep pets inside your home where it’s cool. Never leave pets stranded in the scorching sun, even if they typically stay outdoors. Provide plenty of shade all day and fresh, clean water at all times in a plastic (never metal) bowl secured to the ground to prevent accidental spills.

**Avoid shaving a dog’s coat. A pet’s coat is designed by nature to keep it cool during the summer. Their fur also prevents sunburns. Giving long-haired dogs a trim is okay, but never shave them completely.

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