As I was driving to work this morning, for whatever reason I glanced over to my closest gas station and saw that the latest Powerball jackpot from the lottery is over $500 million dollars.  Whenever I see this, I start thinking about what I would do with the money if I won.  Big house? For sure.  There is one on the market now in Labadie Missouri that certainly looks like it is worth every penny.  Let me tell you about it.

It is located about 40 miles west of downtown St Louis.  If you are into beautiful countryside and farm living (as the theme to Green Acres runs through my head) this place might be for you.  You know, if you win.

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This 50-acre country estate, located a mile-and-a-half southeast of the Missouri River in Labadie, is on the market for $3 million.  The 4,800 square-foot home was originally constructed in 1904 and underwent a massive restoration in 2019 and was rebuilt from the studs. It now has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and one half-bath. There’s a second, smaller home on the property for guests or caretakers. The 2-bed, 1.5-bath cozy abode was also renovated in 2019.

The property comes with a lake with everything you may need.  It includes a floating dock and a fountain.  Would an orchard appeal to you? You can grow peaches, apples, blackberries, plums and blueberries.

There is also an Amish 3-story Amish barn on the property.  It has an office, man-cave, 8 horse stalls, and a 25 foot tall hay loft.

To check out the full listing on Zillow, you can click HERE.  I have selected 30 pictures of the home for you to check out in the gallery below to dream about and the entire estate is fenced off using wood from the property.  It is gorgeous.  Hope you enjoy.

Labadie Missouri 50-Acre Home

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