It was quiet.  Too quiet. Usually there's someone on the phone, or someone talking, someone laughing, sometimes even hollering.  But.. there was nothing.  No sound.  This is like a scene from a scary movie where something's about to go down.  It was time to investigate.

Huh.  Nobody at Bob's desk.

Nobody at Jenn's desk.

Nobody in the KXKX studio... (great photo, right?).

No Teresa...

No Kurt....

No..............ME?! Oh wait, I am here.  I'm taking this photo.

Nobody in the KSIS studio...

The front desk, too?! ET TU, BRUTE?!

No boss?!

No sales director?!


This is just getting freaky.  Is there anyone who works here?  WAIT.  Where's Thanos?! Did everyone just get yeeted into the atmosphere, Spider-Man style?!

Oh. Wait.

It's lunch time for normal people.  You know, people who don't get up at 4:00 a.m. and take their lunch at 10:00 a.m. Typical.

Lucky for them I'm here to hold down the fort! Just kidding, ya'll.  I hope you enjoyed my random moment of silliness.

At my desk-ily yours,