Over last weekend as I was purusing alternatives to keeping cable I saw an add from Frontier Communications. Several years ago I actually had phone service from them and thought it wasn't bad so I wanted to see how much internet through them would be.

Litterally 30 seconds after I pushed send my phone rang. I didn't really want to deal with it so I let it go to voice mail. Later in the week Frontier got ahold of me about 15 minutes before I was to go into a meeting. I took the call anyway because I figured how long could it take to see if Frontier served my area of Warrensburg and what the cost would be.

First of all, I wanted prices on internet service only. I didn't get that. What the gentleman on the phone wanted to sell me was what the cable companies call the triple play. Internet, cable and phone. Second, it wasn't going to be Frontier providing me this service, it was going to be Spectrum. The cable company I already have.

Apparently it's a moving deal I didn't get. I'm a little miffed at the fact Spectrum didn't offer me the deal, but at the time I requested service I didn't know about it so I didn't ask. That came later when my old cable company sent me a love note thanking me for my business and wanted to help set up my new service in Warrensburg (better than a bill.) Apparently all these cable companies are in cahoots to keep cable customers, cable customers.

Anyway, that was the interesting part of the conversation. I was going to investigate Frontier selling Spectrum services further, but at this point the sales person for Frontier was being rude and pushy. I HAD to take this offer. He HAD to sign me up now. Wasn't it a good deal? He was talking so fast and trying to sell me so hard I couldn't get a word in edgewise. And I never got a price for internet service only.

At this point my meeting was about to start. The guy wasn't letting me talk. And didn't want to let me get off the phone "to think about it." I finally talked over him and told him politely I thought he was rude and hung up.

I think Spectrum will be interested in how his rudeness not only made Frontier Communications look bad, but Spectrum too. And yeah, I'm also going to ask them about that 100 dollar moving special. If they play ball I may not cut the cord, or at least it kicks that decision down the road a year.

Rob and his wife Kathy recently moved to the Warrensburg area. After a couple of things like rent and health insurance came in over budget Rob is trying to see if he can save the equivelant of a tank of gas a month by cutting cable in favor of streaming. You can read the original blog post here

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