The talk has been around for years. Is it finally time for a baseball stadium for the Kansas City Royals to be built in downtown Kansas City?

According to a story in the Kansas City Star, David Glass hasn't ruled out the possibility of Kaufmann Stadium being in downtown KC. Conversations between Glass and City Manager Troy Shulte seem to have left the door open to the possibility.

Leases aren't due to come up until 2031 but you need the years between now and then for all the planning and construction.

Approximately 12-14 acres would be needed for the site. A few locations have already been talked about. One in particular that was mentioned has been taken off the table. It was a prime location located between 12th and 13th streets just east of Grand Boulevard.

Other sites mentioned in the article remain east of City Hall and near the 18th & Vine Jazz District.

David Glass will have the final call on the possibility of everything moving.


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