Last night Connecticut beat Kentucky for the NCAA Division 1 Championship 60-54, wrapping up the NCAA Tournament. So who came out on top of our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge?

Congratulations to Mathew Pospisil, the top scoring participant in our $1 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge! Pospisil did not create a perfect bracket and had less then 60 games correct, so he did not win the cash. He did have the highest score out of our listeners though. He won with a score of 42 total points, so we're hooking Matt up with a KIX 105 T-Shirt and some movie tickets.

Now for what really matters: the contest between our DJs. This is the one that matters because its the one I won! I was 11th overall, but first compared to my colleagues. I was first with a score of 39, Doug scored 37, Rob Edwards scored 35, Jack Miller scored 33 and Behka was last with 30 points.

Thank you again to everyone who participated! Better luck next year.

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