Blake Shelton is back for a new season of The Voice, and if you think that nearly 20 previous seasons of the NBC show has made you an expert on the country singer's life and career, it's time to prove it. His pets, his childhood hobby, his hometown and his early music are all part of this quiz.

Fans who found Shelton when he became a judge on The Voice in 2011 missed over a decade's worth of the singer's hit songs and albums. He was always known for his iconic, early-aughts mullet and charming no-nonsense humor, but beyond that, he carved a niche for being capable of serious, often vulnerable country ballads and cut-'em-up country rockers that rely on strong storytelling. "Ol' Red," "Some Beach" and "Playboys of the Southwestern World" are two in the latter category, while "The Baby," "She Wouldn't Be Gone" and "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" make up the former.

To say Shelton is dynamic would be an understatement. When The Voice began in April 2011, Shelton was on a streak of 17 No. 1 singles. He regularly mixed R&B grooves with traditional country vibes that allowed him to show the full range of his voice if needed. He covered love songs like Michael Buble's "Home" as effortlessly as he teamed up with stoic country giants like Trace Adkins for the bawdy "Hillbilly Bone."

While his early career might have been up and down, a high-profile relationship with Miranda Lambert and a television gig on NBC's Clash of the Choirs led to big things for the Oklahoma native — like magazine cover big. But to go too deep into that fact would be to give away question No. 4 of the quiz below.

So, how well do you know Blake Shelton? Click play and see how many of the six you get right. Four is pretty good. Five is great. All six? Well, you're either his mother or girlfriend. Actually, we'd be curious to see how well Gwen Stefani does on this quiz.

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