Kids, I know around town some of you have seen such great writings on walls as "BILLIE SUE I LUV YOU" and "KURT SUCKS," you know.  I even saw one once on a door that just said, "CAKE."  I thought it was a bold move, to declare one's love for cake in such a dramatic fashion. 

Well, generally this kind of graffiti would be discouraged by us here at KIX.  But today on our links segment, I thought I'd show you some photos from a website that's found the funniest examples.   It's simply called: Pictures of Walls.  The first one I found justifies the whole website:

It's a simple truth. Everyone Likes Saying Chimichanga.

I couldn't agree more.  Chimichanga. 

Now not all of these are as brilliant, and some of them are a little rude, so browse with caution.

Pictorially yours,