Every now and then, you  might think about switching jobs.  Maybe you're going to go with a new company, or maybe a new position in your company.  Either way, it pays to be a little selective before you accept a new offer. According to "Fortune" magazine, companies use buzzwords in job ads so you won't know how miserable it is to work there . . . until it's too late.  Here are five phrases to watch out for:

#1.)  Detail-oriented:  It means you'll be working for control freaks, and they'll scrutinize everything you do.

#2.)  Team player:  It means they'll expect you to take a lot of crap and do whatever you're asked, for the good of the team.

#3.)  Self-starter:  They're not going to give you any direction, and you'll have to figure it out on your own.

#4.)  Self-motivated or Results-oriented:  That means it's probably a sales job, and you'll have to push yourself to get paid on commission.

#5.)  Fast-paced work environment:  Get ready to deal with a never-ending string of emergencies.

So maybe if you see some of those "buzzwords", you might wanna think twice.

What are some strange reasons you’ve had for NOT taking a job? Ex-boyfriend work there? You have to wear a suit? You could only be paid in pesos? There must be some really strange reasons out there. Talk about any odd experiences you’ve had with a job you didn’t take (or did, but quickly realized something was amiss with the company), or just any reason you turned a job down.

Jobbingly yours,