Well, I’m back from a great vacation from Branson. Well-deserved time away, but couldn’t wait to get back. So let’s get to it.

Rob the new morning guy is doing great. He went with me to Sweet Springs Gusher Days for our live remote broadcast. He was amazed at how friendly and down home everyone there was. We checked out the archery shoot. It was great. I wish I could have participated, but too much going on. Lots of kids shooting, it was awesome.

Then it was our first time checking out a baby contest. Wow! No idea it was this popular…unbelievable!! They had over 50 babies, along with mom, siblings, and grandmas for each, it was a packed house. Then back to the smoked meat contest. There were 10 teams, and of course, Rob and I were two of the judges. It was great! The food was amazing, the teams were awesome, and we had a great time in at the Sweet Springs Gusher Days.

The fair is in full swing. Traffic sucks, but hey, it’s the fair. I will be out there with the Big Buck Scoring contest and outdoor trivia game on Saturday, Aug 10 and Friday, Aug 16. So come out and win some Huntin' & Fishin' with Harry stuff and concert tickets. I can’t wait to see everyone.

Also get the new Huntin' & Fishin' with Harry decal for your truck, while they last, courtesy of Gator Graphics. Come check us out in front of the grandstand and get info on the upcoming trail cam contest and Big Buck contest. See ya at the fair!