The auto industry has always been one of the hardest working industries in the country.  They employ a lot of workers, and build some of the most amazing vehicles on the road.  The Ford Motor company just announced that they will be adding 6200 jobs.  One plant in Missouri will be the recipient of some of those jobs.

There is a auto plant in Claycomo Missouri, that is not too far from Kansas City.  They happen to specialize in big electric and combustion-engine Transit vans.  They have been in high demand lately.  More people are trying to help the environment and investing in electric vehicles.  This plant will be getting a third shift with about 1100 workers to handle this demand.

For the record, it’s part of Ford’s plan to be able to make 2 million electric vehicles per year globally by 2026.  You can read more about Ford's plan HERE.

The company says it will invest $3.7 billion in the three states between now and 2026. It also will convert about 3,000 temporary workers to full-time status with pay raises and benefits.  More jobs and higher wages?  Nice job Ford.

Ford also pledged to spend $1 billion over the next five years to improve the work experience at its factories. The company is working with the UAW to determine the needs, which could include better lighting in parking lots for safety and healthier foods in the factories.  All of this is great news.  I feel better that I am driving a Ford vehicle now, because the company is trying to take care of their employees, give more opportunities to people who need work, and they make a solid product.  Let's hope this continues with other companies in this industry.

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