I recently had an opportunity to head out to see a Royals game at Kauffman Stadium, and wow, what a difference two months makes.

On April 1, my buddy Mike and I attended opening day at Kauffman Stadium. At that time you had to wear a mask. You could definitely tell they were limiting attendance. And a lot of things like the Royals Hall of Fame, the Outfield Experience activities like Sluggerrr's Mini Golf, the Pitching Mound, Batting Challenge and the Carousel were all closed. Slugger was there, but seemed to be staying away from the field.

Also, with the strict limit on attendance. The stadium just had weird vibe. The concourse seemed kind of dead. And there really wasn't anyone sitting that close to you. Don't get me wrong, it was still a fun time. But different.

Tuesday evening, June 1, two months later Mike and I returned to Kauffman Stadium, and wow, what a difference. We found the Hall of Fame open, which Mike was excited to show me... because, before this year, I hadn't been to a Royals game since a road trip I took in 2000. It looked like the other aspects of the Outfield Experience were open too. (I loved seeing those two World Series trophies, and reading about Hall of Fame member Steve Busby.)

Plus, on opening day, it seemed like everyone from the ushers to the game day experience people were shaking the rust off. This time they were using the Crown Vision scoreboard to their full potential. There were the fan games in-between innings. And Slugger was around for the game too. I think he had a meet and greet going on.

Mike even commented that the crowd looked good for a Tuesday night game. And can I say, and I never thought I would, I liked having people around me. I like to spread out a little bit. But it was nice to have people behind us and off to the side cheering right along with us as the Royals stuck it to the Pirates.

It just felt more like a baseball game should. If you haven't headed out to The K yet this year, I suggest you do. A good time is waiting for you.

And a couple of pro-tips if your trip to the ballpark includes eating at the game, or hitting the souvenir stand. Mike says the best food he's experienced for the money is hitting the Tender Love & Chicken stand in left field by section 206. We had that Tuesday night and it was delicious. Much better than the dogs and fries we got on opening day, and not much more expensive.

The Royals also have a $20 and under souvenir store with hats, t-shirts and more. A lot of it is overstock from prior seasons and some of the merch has the team slogan or designs from previous years. But there are some pretty cool finds there if you're OK with that. Or you're buying for a couple of kids. Although, you might be better off taking the kids to a store that has Royals gear and buying it before you go to the game.

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