The State of Missouri recently created a fully refundable gas tax. We are fortunate for this, and the fact that our prices are one of the lowest, if not the lowest, in the country.  Hope you have been saving your receipts.  The State of Missouri is probably hoping you do not keep those receipts, and now a new app can help you.

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The gas tax will go up 2.5 cents every year for the next few years until the gas tax reaches about 30 cents per gallon in Missouri.  The new app that has been created is called No Mo Gas Tax App and it was created by a woman named Tammi Hilton.  Her solution was to create an app that digitizes and tracks gas receipts, making it much easier and more manageable to track gas purchases and turn in receipts to the state. She believes the state is banking that drivers will be too lazy to turn in receipts. You can read more details HERE.

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Now the one drawback about this app is that it is not a free one.  It will cost you $5. It may be worth it.  If you have a commute of a decent length, you are going to spend a lot of money on gas.  I know I often forget to get a receipt from the pumps, and half of the time the pump is out of paper and not working.  If I pay at the pump, how often are you going to go inside to get a receipt from the attendant, especially if your have to wait in line.

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Vehicles under 26,000 pounds and registered in the state of Missouri are eligible for a refund. It's estimated to bring in about $500 million when fully implemented, meaning no one turns in receipts.  If this app can help you organize your receipt and save paper I think I would download it.  The app isn't required to turn in receipts, which you can submit to the state starting in July. Will you download the app?

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