Like most towns, Warrensburg has its own quirks and things that make it special. As someone who has spent my entire life there, here are 10 signs you are from Warrensburg, MO.

  1. You have been called a Townie - We ware it has a badge of honor. In a town where the population is always changing between the base and college, there are only a few of us who truly grew up in Warrensburg. Townies have always stuck together in The Burg.
  2. You consider summer the off-season - Anyone from Warrensburg knows Summertime is the best! Traffic is lighter because the college is out, people are out of town on vacation, you can push your cart down an aisle in Walmart, the aquatic center is open, and the bars are not as overcrowded. If you are from Warrensburg, Summertime is the most wonderful time of the year.
  3. You avoid 13 highway at all cost - It may not be the shortest way to get where you are going, but it is the best way to get there. The stop and go traffic on 13 is ridiculous. I don't know how the town times the traffic lights, but the struggle has been real for at least 30 years. Plus, you can avoid the college kids walking across the highway without looking up from their phone. Even in the summertime, you avoid 13 highway, because that is how you drive now.
  4. Pedestrians cause you more road rage than other drivers - As I mentioned earlier pedestrians in Warrensburg are everywhere, if you are anywhere near campus. They also do not pay attention. Most of the students are walking around town and crossing streets without ever looking up. I have never hit a pedestrian but, I have come close way more times than I want to admit. They hands down cause way more road rage than other drivers.
  5. Homecoming is a holiday for you - In Warrensburg, we only have one parade, and it's homecoming. If you are over 21, you have participated in Breakfast of Champions. (Breakfast of Champions is basically when you eat biscuits and gravy at a bar and start drinking at 7 AM.) You have walked in the parade multiple times and felt like a celebrity waving at your friends and family. As a kid, you drank hot chocolate and competed with your friends to see who could catch the most candy. Oh, there is also a football game that is kind of a big deal.
  6. You have unsuccessfully tried to explain Old Drum - There are dog statues all around town and most importantly the famous one in front of the courthouse. Anyone new to town has asked, what is up with Old Drum? We all know Old Drum was a dog and part of a court case. After that, we have to google the story with everyone else. Bonus, most businesses with a patio have embraced the towns love for dogs and will let you bring Fluffy with you.
  7. You Spent Your 21st Birthday on Pine Street - It was not until I was older that I realized not every town has a Pine Street filled with bars for young adults to let loose. Growing up you heard stories about Pine Street after 9 PM and couldn't wait to see what it was all about as soon as you turned 21. Some of you even sneaked onto Pine Street before you were 21, don't worry I won't tell on you.
  8. You don't know what's in an Unknown Hero, but you know it's delicious - Heroes Restaurant and Pub is known for their Unknown Hero cocktail. It's one of my favorites. It may be pink and taste fruity, but they can sneak up on you. Most of us have tried to get the recipe. Even if someone has passed it down to you, it just doesn't taste the same. You also know nothing goes better with the Unknown then Heroes one of a kind of onion rings.
  9. You have a love-hate relationship with trains - Noting is worse than avoiding 13 highway to get where you are going faster, and then getting stuck behind the train going through town at the worst possible time. You have also had a conversation outside and had to stop everything you were saying until the train passed. On the other hand, you have defiantly blamed a train you did not really get stuck behind as the reason you are running late for work or school.
  10. The B-2 holds a special place in your heart - No matter how long you have lived in Warrensburg it is always cool to see the B-2 flying across the sky. The town has celebrated being so close to Whiteman Air Force Base and nothing feels more like home than seeing a B-2 flyover. No matter what you are doing or how many times you have seen the B-2, you stop what you're doing and say look the B-2.

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