I've told stories about Gracie the Pit Bull before.  She's a big lap dog, and her tail is more lethal than her bite.  She looks intimidating but, in reality, she is a big baby.  Of course, there is still the stigma of her breed to overcome.

One of the things I've noticed around Sedalia is the number of stray dogs.  I don't think I've gone a day in recent history without seeing at least one dog off its leash and roaming free.  For the most part, it isn't a big deal.  Aside from the occasional out of place "land mine", they aren't hurting anyone.

But if someone sees a Pit Bull roaming free, a call to animal control is imminent.  It costs $20 to bail them out of "doggy jail," so I'm careful about making sure she doesn't get away.  She still needs to run occasionally though.

The Dog Park at Clover Dell Park is VERY handy.  It's only 1.5 miles West of town and has two large completely fenced in areas for the dogs to run off leash.  One area is for large dogs and the other for smaller breeds.  There is a shared gate then each have  its own area so there are no chances of a dog escaping though there.  There are training aids for people getting ready to show their dog and plenty of trees for them as well.  There's even a faux fire hydrant!

There are a few rules to follow.  No spiked collars, no food (human or dog food) allowed, and stuff like that.  The rules are clearly posted in two languages.

I've been telling people about the dog park for months.  They all seem surprised that it exists.  I know it isn't THAT new.  It is a resource.  You're paying for it through the Sedalia Park & Recreation Department.  Your dog will thank you if you use it.