Happy Humpday to you and yours. Last Wednesday we discussed best friends,and 60% of you would rather find out that your best friend was a robot. The other 40% would rather find out there best friend was a paid actor or actress. This week, lets dabble in true love.

True love is something that is a once in a lifetime feeling (so I'm told), the one person that was put on this Earth to be with you. Naturally, this person is someone you talk to on a daily basis, someone who can brighten your day and loves you unconditionally. Some people say they never actually find true love or spend their entire life looking for it.

Imagine knowing you found true love, but it isn't exactly how you thought it would turn out. Would you rather meet your true love once but never get to see or talk to them ever again, or be able to only text them and never meet them in person? Tell us which you would rather!