Welcome back in to another edition of "Would You Rather Wednesday." After all the rain here in West Central Missouri, everything is so green and in bloom. While it's nice to have the warm weather, it also means many people are constantly fighting off their allergies. Personally my allergies are not too bad, but I still need to keep tissues near by. You hate to be the person with a runny nose because while it annoys you, it also annoys the people around you. People get annoyed by the person who sniffles all day at work. You just want to yell at them to blow their nose!

Which brings me to my would you rather scenario. Have you ever eaten chips and you literally have to scrub your fingertips with soap and water to get the mess off of your fingers? Even use Germ-X, wet wipes or napkins those items aren't tough enough to complete the task. Plus, you leave cheesy fingerprints all over papers and keyboards. No one would want to shake a cheesy finger-tipped hand.

Now imagine having to pick one or the other to be stuck with all day. Talk about a miserable day, but it must be done because it's "Would You Rather," which means you have to choose with no exceptions!