Welcome back to another edition of "Would You Rather Wednesday." I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. I had an interesting Labor Day weekend, I had two different types of reactions happen to me, both equally frustrating and leave you feeling helpless.

I witnessed my first allergic reaction to something in the air, triggering a sneeze attack. Of course, just when you think you are done, another sneeze comes along. It actually becomes quite annoying, making your eyes water and your nose runny.

I also had the hiccups, which I usually can control. The old trick of holding your breath usually works for me, but these wouldn't go away. I tried a few things, but the hiccups lasted quite some time and left me with sore abs and frustration.

What if one of these lasted all day? Could you imagine how miserable you would be? No matter where or what you were doing, this could make for one of the worst days ever.

So, would you rather sneeze once every 30 seconds all day or be stuck with the hiccups all day? Let us know in our poll below, or click here to get points.