As you may or may not know, Tyler Farr is from the Mid-Missouri area. He grew up in Garden City, and his dad even owns a restaurant here in Sedalia. He's now a rising star in country music, and was even here to play the Pepsi Grandstand at the State Fair this summer. I think we can say Tyler is a friend of KIX 105.7. He's been hunting with Harry, and even recorded the theme song for "Huntin' and Fishin with Harry" live in our studio. I had him on the morning show during the State Fair this summer, and got to hang out with him a little before the show.

Tyler Farr's debut album "Redneck Crazy" was just released, and it's some pretty good stuff. It's an upbeat, rocking CD, and if I had to describe the theme of the album, it would definitely be "Having a good time," with tracks like "Dirty," "Wish I Had a Boat" and "Chicks, Trucks and Beer." It also has a lot of songs about the women we love like "Cowgirl," "Whiskey in My Water," "Hot Mess," and "Ain't Even Drinkin'," Tyler wrote most of the songs himself, and with his unique voice and catchy instrumentals, I think we'll be seeing a lot of hits off this one.

Now it's not like we're close friends or anything like that, but Harry and I do know Tyler personally, and he's really cool about doing stuff with us here at KIX. So I texted him about hooking us up with some copies of the new album, and he didn't disappoint! He had the record label send us a bunch of CDs, plus a couple T-shirts and signed photographs. I'll be giving away all this stuff very soon on the air, so make sure you're listening to Roll Out of Bed with Rob every weekday morning!