Kids, as you may or may not know, I do a lot of stuff here at the station.  I talk, and for some reason or another, they pay me for that.  I also update the Community Calendar stuff on the web and on the air. 

But for some reason, around this time of year, the events really dry up!  Usually I have enough events to talk about for two different segments of the CC (to use abbreviations and jargon and such).  But lately, I haven't had much at all.

So I guess now what I'm gonna have to do is ask you: what's happening?  What are you and your people doing?  Is your church group having a fundraiser?  Is your youth group planning a meet up? Do you do crafts or hobbies and meet others who like them?  Are you planning a dinner or a cookoff? Is your outdoorsy organization planning a weekend?


Lemme know, huh?  Not that I'm bored or anything.

Eventily yours,