We've all had those moments when kids have been around and you almost let a curse word slip. I know for a fact that I don't want any child repeating some of the stuff that I have said. I have heard some great variations of curse words in my day. We all know what your trying to say, but you get away with it by altering some words.

When I was growing up I had a youth basketball coach who used the term "dog-gone-it" in nearly every sentence when he was mad. It's still one of my favorite child-friendly curse words because we all knew exactly what he meant and we were about to do some extra conditioning.

"Son of a biscuit" is a great one, and it was used by one of my teachers on numerous occasions. She was very clumsy and would run into things and would use that term under her breath. I don't know who she was trying to fool, we all know by saying son of a biscuit, what you really mean.

I remember the Orbit commercial above, a great ad that featured child-friendly curse words. Now I want to know some of your favorite kid friendly curse words that you use or have heard. What are your favorite child-friendly curse words and phrases?