This year is the 46th annual Warsaw Jubilee days.  There are so many things to do and see in such a small area that there's no way I couldn't have blogged about it! 

The Jubilee days have already started, beginning June 6th and running through June 9th.  The beginning of crafts and most early morning events isn't until 9 a.m.

They always have lots of different crafts and vendors, as well as races and food.   One thing that is fun for parents and kids is the baby contest.  This year's theme is "Boot Scootin Baby".  So I'm not sure if that means the babies will be Scootin, but maybe they'll just be in boots.  That'll conclude on Saturday with the overall baby jubilee, and that'll happen during the parade Saturday.

The Queen contest is another fun thing for high school girls.   That'll be held Thursday at 7:30 in the Community building.  They'll also have a Grandmother Jubilee and that's only $5 admission.   Basically how that part works is the grandchildren submit stories about their grandmothers, and the grandmothers are nominated and treated to a luncheon.

I mentioned there'd be crafts.  Oh, boy, will there ever be crafts.  The craft area is open all day long from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.    But let's not forget the most important part of any fair or jubilee: the food.

The famous food court will have the funnel cakes, hot dogs, curly fries, corn dogs, nachos and kettle corn that you need.  Most days the food court is open by 11 a.m.  I mean, if it's not the rides or the food or the contests or the crafts, what else do you need to convince you to go?  Oh, I know.  It's the parade.

Everyone loves a parade!  I seriously can't think of a single person in the entire world who is unhappy attending a parade.  If I met that person, I would ask them: "Do you not see the waving?  The cars?  There are so many kids smiling!  Do you hate life? Do you dislike happiness and joy? What's your deal?!"  Anyway.  The parade will start not too long after the children's games and the car show registration start  Saturday at 9 a.m.  The actual parade route begins at 11 a.m. If that doesn't make you incredibly, blissfully happy - maybe you need to attend a car show or a carnival.  OH WAIT. The Jubilee has both of those things.   And live entertainment that night from country entertainer and Belton native Ricky Lee Tanner......

.........who kinda looks like Brad Paisley, if he didn't button his shirt.  See?  Excitement!  Check out his music and songwriting skills at

Honestly, this thing really does seem to have it all, and all in Warsaw, just waiting for you to show up and be blissfully entertained beyond belief.   So why don't you take the plunge and head on down there.  If you need some more general information, call up 660-438-6496.

Jubiliantly yours,