Kids, this weekend I got the chance to head out to the National Cattledog Finals.  I took plenty of pictures, and here's what happened! 

It was pretty cold and muddy, but that certainly didn't damper anyone's spirits.  It was a grand old time for everyone who went out.  Thanks to all the sponsors, the vendors, the organizers, the competitors, and the spectators!  It was a grand week for all, and it definitely showed in the talented handlers and dogs that were working out there.

I'd definitely go back next year, but maybe if it's, you know, warmer!  The snow was the only thing that made it hard for me.  The snow brought the mud, so that was the only thing that got me.  But the rest of the crowd were prepared, so they sure didn't mind.

I did learn lots of stuff about the different commands they use, the different calls and whistles, and also all about the different types of dogs that do different work.

Doggily yours,