Hello all! Yesterday I got to go up to Warrensburg for a big Open House at Turnbow Family Dentistry. We had ourselves a time and I took some pictures to share!


One of our most lucrative prizes on display was this boat.  We've started this giveaway and you can find out how to win it right here.  Lots of people signed up and everybody seems to really like it.   It was hard, though, to turn down a ten year old's firm offer to buy it on the spot for seven dollars.  He had the cash money right there, even.


Turnbow Family Dental really did go all out.  They had burgers and hot dogs and chips and drinks and the whole shebangabang.   I learned about Invisalign, which is that clear teeth straightening thing you've seen.  Several of the staff were wearing theirs.  It was a lot of fun and any excuse to get up to Warrensburg is bound to be a good time.