Yesterday we talked a little about how some people were responding to what Zac Brown said the other day about the new Luke Bryan song.  We told you what Tom Petty had to say about modern country music, what Eric Church had to say about it, and what Gary Allan had to say. Jason Aldean came to Luke's defense too, and Justin Moore kind of did, too. Justin didn't have a problem with what Zac said, he just felt it wasn't appropriate to name names.

I suppose I see Justin's point there. Yeah, you might not like a song, but you can just say something like, "I don't like certain songs" without calling out a certain singer.  At the same time, I do think Zac has a point.  He is passionate about music and he just wants to make a point.  And it's not like he was mean to Luke, just the song.  He made sure to say that Luke's a great singer and has other great songs, and Zac just doesn't like that particular one.

Well, I gotta say, you guys have definitely responded in favor of Zac Brown's opinion on this one, or at least you have so far.  It's a pretty big percentage of you that said you prefer the more traditional or "old school" country as opposed to the hip hop/pop mixture.

So, what do you think?  Make sure you weigh in our poll!

Traditionally yours,