Toby Keith hit the stage with special guest Kelsey K last night (Aug. 16) at the Pepsi Grandstand for one of the most highly anticipated concerts of the summer. 

Kelsey K opened for Toby Keith, and what talent came belting out of this young 14-year-old country star that Toby Keith discovered through her YouTube videos. She sung "Country Mess" and several other of her hits from her young career. What a great opportunity for such you young and powerful voice. She had charm, charisma and was adorable to watch. I stood there only inches away as she was performing, and I was just in awe. She was playing to one of the largest (if not the largest) crowd of all the shows last night. You could tell she loved the spotlight and had no fears.

Then the man of the hour came out and razzled and dazzled us into a screaming frenzy. The crowd sung along with Toby's many many hits, including "Red Solo Cup." It was amusing how when he started the song, there were two huge inflatable Red Solo Cups that rose from the front of the stage on the sides. He also sung a song that he said you won't hear on the radio: Weed with Willie." He also sung "Should Have Been a Cowboy," "Made in America," and along with some outstanding pyrotechnics, "Who's your Daddy." For his encore, he played "Courtesy of The Red, White and Blue" and "American Soldier" as he pulled soldiers up from the crowd onto the stage.  The crowd was roaring with cheers and pride for these young American soldiers. The young soldiers came out to the extension of the stage after Toby sang and saluted him, and he turned and saluted the cheering fans. Now my friends, that's how you end a show.

Thank God for the ol'e US of A and thank you Toby Keith for your support of our American Soldiers. What a show. I wasn't much of fan before, but I am now.  Enjoy the photos!