I think that many of us who live here in Pettis County and the Sedalia area are folks who have been here most of our lives.  Sure, there's some people who have come in from other towns or out of state, but more often than not, I see the same people here that were here 10 years ago.  That's part of what keeps our tradition and our heritage rich.

We are all very invested in history here.  I think we all know just how important our lineage and our past is to each of us.  So I often think it's a great idea to pass that knowledge on to the next generation.  After all, if we don't know our history, who will, right?  And some of us might not think that's easy.  But there's plenty of opportunity to get our collective history back into your family's life.

I had a good talk with Dr. Rhonda Chalfant, President of the Historical Society, and Co-Curator from the Pettis County Museum.  Here are the details!

There's always a great opportunity to learn something about your own area at the Pettis County Museum.  Why not stop by at 228 Dundee Ave, or call at (660) 829-3102?  They welcome your youth group, church group or any other kind of visitors.  Make sure you do it, you won't regret it.  The next time you see  a landmark, you'll know exactly why it's so important.

Historically yours,