Today, kids, I think we should all just get together and decide: today is a lazy sunday.

I'm doing my bit; I didn't get out of bed til noon. We here at Kix Fm often work unusual schedules odd hours. Sometimes you have to work on a weekend or late at night or early in the morning and that's never consistent. So to have a lazy sunday is a great, great thing.

I wore up today a few minutes before noon and decided it was time to get up. I then promptly deposited myself on my couch and started watching Animal Planet shows on Netflix.

I then decided to eat something and made myself some eggs. The most productive thing I have done today is turn on the dishwasher. That's about as ambitious as I'm gonna get today. Monday, of course, it's back to work.

So, what do you do when you just want to take a day and relax? Do you have certain snacks you like to have? What's your favorite "personal day" activity? What relaxes you the most on days like this? Let me know, and I'll stay over here being a lazypants.

Although I might nap later.

Lazily yours,