As a kid, I remember rushing home to dump all the candy out of my Halloween bag onto the floor to examine everything that I got. Some candy is better than others, and there is nothing better than receiving that full size Snickers bar, but we usually ended up with a big batch of some pretty nasty candy.

We all remember the horror stories of the houses that give apples or toothbrushes, and those people need to reevaluate where they went wrong in life. I'm talking about the candy that is just plain nasty. From the way it looks, the way it smells, and of course, the way it tastes.

This is my opinion of the five worst candies you can receive on Halloween starting with five down to number one.


5) Peppermint Hard Candies: breath mints don't count as candy.



4) Candy Buttons: because there's nothing like eating paper with your candy.



3) Good and Plenty: Black licorice candy that looks like prescription pills.



2) Circus Peanuts: Fact: Circus peanuts' flavor is artificial banana. Why are they orange and shaped like a peanut?



1) Boxes of Raisins: These are not candy, so why did I end up with at least two boxes of them at the end of the night?

Did your least favorite candy make the list? What is the worst candy you've ever received for Halloween?