Sedalians have their own  unique way of looking at things.  We're a little quirky, we're a little funny, and we have our own homespun humor. 

That definitely comes through in our local businesses, too.  I got to thinking about that every time I come to work, and I drive past the local Pizza Hut.  They have some funny signs every now and then - I remember one that referenced the movie The Sandlot (a classic) but I don't remember what it was for.  Maybe s'more desserts?

And you remember the time somebody asked Nomi to prom, right?

Rebehka Cramer

I never did find out who asked or if she said yes. Anybody know?

Another great sign around town is always good for a laugh over at Advanced Pet Care.

Doug Sokolowski

Every time I'm over on that side of the station, I make sure to swing by and see what joke or little humorful phrase they've got up.

But really, by far my favorite sign in Sedalia is over at Fortune Palace.

Rebehka Cramer

I LOVE IT. I Love Everything About It. I love that they tried to let us know what they had, I love that they didn't know they misspelled the word, I love that someone caught it and tried to fix it, and I love that they've kept it up there for years. I imagine them saying, "Yeah, we know we misspelled it. So what? Are you perfect? NO. We're owning this slip up and loving it." It just shows how great a sense of humor they have, that they can laugh off something like that. It's like they're saying, "We know we messed it up, but we're a buffet, not a copy editor! We care about food, not spelling!!"

What are some of your favorite signs around town?  Take some photos, share em with the class!

Signly yours,