We have our Lucky Leprechaun contest going on, brought to you by Bing's Grocery Stores. This got me thinking: who are the best or most famous leprechauns of all time? So I made my very own Mt. Rushmore of famous leprechauns.

Lucky from Lucky Charms

Hearts, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows, and the red balloons. Not only is he possibly the best leprechaun, but he has catchiest song in cereal history. Lucky also has his own line of catch phrases. Some of these include "they're always after me lucky charms" and "they're magically delicious."


Lucky the Boston Celtic

How many leprechauns can dunk? Only one that I know of: Lucky the Boston Celtic. Now, he may need a trampoline, but still he has some pretty awesome moves. He also has more NBA championships than any other mascot with 17. Lucky has been around since before the '50s and earns a spot on my leprechaun Mt. Rushmore.


The Leprechaun from the "Leprechaun" movies

The creepiest and meanest of them all. The Leprechaun made his debut on the big screen back in '93. I would call him the 90s version of Chucky. A creepy little creature who loves to slash his victims over his pot of gold. These movies are pretty terrible to be honest, but he is a the leprechaun scary 90's kids across America.


The Leprechaun of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

He does not really have a name, but is by far one of the most recognizable faces in college athletics. He hangs with the cheerleaders, runs across the football field and his face is on apparel in almost every sporting goods store. This last spot was probably the hardest to fill with Hogswallow, the WWE wrestler, coming close. But lets be honest he is not nearly as recognizable as The Leprechaun representing the Fighting Irish.

That is the Mt. Rushmore of Leprechauns. Let me know in the comments below if I missed any. Also, check out these leprechaun sightings! Do not forget to look for the "Lucky Leprechaun" pots of gold hidden around town, brought to you by Bing's Grocery Stores.