We have become a society of texting fools.  It has gotten to the point that people will send you to voicemail if you call them but will answer a text right away.  This is especially true in younger people.  Gawker has come up with a list of annoying texts that don't need to be sent.  I completely agree with a few of them.

  1. Long Stories - If your text is longer than a few sentences, send an email or a Facebook message instead.  Long text messages are annoying to read AND annoying to respond to.
  2. That You're Bailing on Plans Last-Minute - People do this all the time: They decide they don't want to meet up, so they just text the other person with something like, "Sorry, turns out I can't make it."  It's just impersonal and rude.
  3. A Text Message Just to Correct a Spelling Mistake - Let's say you spell the word "drink" with and "m" instead of an "n."  Trust me, the person receiving the message will know what you meant.  There's no need to send a text clarifying it.  Unless your auto-correct is WAY off and throws in a word that changes what you meant.

That covers the big three for me.  What texts do you find to be a complete waste of time?  Comment below and click share!