Hello, kids!  Behka here, and I promised you more pictures and stuff from my Talk of the Town remote at Young's Ag Vet Supplies.

Yesterday we looked at all their grilling  marinades/sauces/spices, so today let's see what else they got that perked my interest.   It was a very nice day, very sunny, so we hung out outdoors.

I had no idea they sold so many tires! And huge ones, too.  They're not playing around.

I guess it never occurred to me that ATVs, Tractors, and other things need tires, too.

It did occur to me that I didn't know what this was at first.  You plant stuff in it!

Now I know what this is.  This is dog food.  But, it's organic dog food!  So it's good for Fido.

They had plenty of stuff for the Crazy Mother Puckers line.  Even t-shirts!

Well, with all that stuff to put on your food that you're grillin, of course they have to have some grills too, right?  And not the kind on your car or in your mouth.  The Cookin Kind.

This was a neat thing, too.  My dad has something similar to this, a fire pit!

And since they were such experts on grilling, they provided a tasty chicken and more lunch.

It takes technique to work one of these wood pellet grills, but then they always say that.


Another great remote, lots of fun was had by all.  Hopefully you'll join us next time we're out!

Photographically yours,