Well kids, I got to leave the friendly confines of our stations today to go on the road for a two hour remote at Young's Ag Vet Supply. I, for some reason, kept getting the name of the place jumbled up!  It was crazy but a good time.  I was surprised at all the different types of spices, marinades and sauces they had for the grilling aficionados out there.  So what I've done here is put up some of the strangest/most aggressive/insulting/and or scary named ones here.

Here's a general wall of varieties. This is just one wall out of a whole room, and more of all this stuff!

Before we get too deep into that, here's some candy.

And whatever you do, don't forget the spam.

I thought this was awesome.  They have several kits for you to make your own sausage.  You can make bratwursts and italian sausage, even bologna and summer sausage.

And so many jerkies!  Turkey, deer, beef, any kind, all kinds!

Now here's where it gets scary and kind of aggressive. I had no idea that there were so many angry sauces and violent marinades.

See that? The Fighting Cock?  Why would I want to cockfight my barbeque?  Sauce for Sissies?  That sounds more my speed.

This is a fun thing we did for our giveaways.  What I did was have people come in and say the name of this sauce, "Crazy Mother Pucker" five times without messing it up.

We gave away some Cardinals tickets to Jeannie Thomlinson, and a hair certificate from Trendi Reflections to Nina Gay!  Well done, ladies.

But back to the matter at hand.  Why are you so angry, spice?  I don't want to slap my mamma. I don't want to slap anyone's mama.

This is foodstuff that needs serious counseling.  See, this sauce below also needs some kind of professional help, because it feels so bad about it's image that it calls itself "Fat Bastard".


Just kiddin, ya'll.  It was a great time and these are just maybe a third of the pictures I took at Young's Ag Vet Supplies.  They had so much stuff!  I'll put up another post soon to show you the rest of their goodies.  They were super sweet fellows, and they even fed me some tasty chicken and bratwurst.  Can't beat it, nice job if you can get it.

If you can't, head on out to Young's Ag Vet Supplies on South Limit!  Check out their website where you can see a bunch of their lawn and garden stuff too.  No doubt there will be something there you'll be curious about or interested in.

Sweetly Barbecued,