Sedalia loves a parade, and Saturday was the perfect day for it.  Sedalia's 40/8 Voiture 333 organized the event and participation was great!  Several veterans' and active military groups were represented.  There was no shortage of community groups as well.  All to honor those that have served our nation.

Thanks to 10th and Thompson Car Wash, the outside of my truck was presentable.  Anyone that has seen the interior of my vehicle will tell you that it is always full of empty coffee cups, cigarette packs and McDonald's wrappers.  Saturday was no exception.  I figured it didn't matter.  I was riding alone.  I was wrong.

As the parade was stepping off from the Jr. High School, I noticed Missouri State Representative Stanley Cox looking a bit lost.  Me being me, I asked him if they had offered him a ride.  I noticed that other dignitaries had transportation provided by Rick Ball Ford.  He looked to his right and left and jumped in my SUV.  I was a little taken aback, but told him it was the maid's day off and fell into my place in the parade lineup.

The rest of the event went well.  Smiling and waving at the crowd that turned out.  Rep. Cox and I had a nice chat about the area.  All in all, a very enjoyable experience.

Photo by Kevin Walkier